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Running has been around as long as humans have evolved from monkeys and come down from trees. It has been a means of transportation in the early days before cars were unavailable and when horses or other animals were not present. Simply put running is like a gait when at some point of the cycle both feet leave the ground at the same time, this of course differs to walking since at all times during walking at least one foot remains on the ground.

Running does not imply at a particular speed. It can be a slow pace, a jog, a fast run or even a sprint. Over four million years ago our ancestors developed the ability to run as a means of hunting animals. As time progressed local festivals started to incorporate running into their activities. Running races on a competitive basis goes back as far as the Talteann Games in 1829 BC in Ireland and the first running competition in the Olympic was in 776 BC.

Many scientists believe that the Achilles tendon, sweat glands, the gluteus maximi and large knee joint are developed due the need of our early ancestors to run in order to survive. Competitive running started in Egypt, Greece, Asia and Africa during festivals.

Running can be described as both a way to train for different sports that require a level of endurance to actual competition of running. Running competitions are usually divided into different race from short sprints to long endurance races like the marathon. The competitive races of today are all based on how quickly one can run from point A to point B with the one arriving first being the winner as long as everyone started at the same time.

There are a number of different classes of running and different events that involve any number of different tactics and methods of training. Running events made up a key part of the Olympic Games in ancient Greece and the summer games today have a huge number of track and field events that are based on running.

Running started to go through a social acceptance and popularity in the 1970s in the United States and other spots around the world with over 25 million people in the U.S. alone doing some form of jogging or running on a regular basis between the 1970s and 1990s. Running has a number of health benefits for all that participate since it helps the cardiovascular systems and respiratory system. It should be a daily part of every individuals life.



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