Running Techniques

Good running techniques are important so you can recover faster, run longer, run faster, sustain fewer injuries and enjoy the overall exhilaration of running. During the course of a run you will take a large number of strides so each and every way you can better your technique will help your overall running ability.

Many people suffer from over use type injuries which can always be traced back to being related to their technique. By working on the proper posture, proper foot placement and proper stride then you can lessen the weight your feet have to carry and you can also reduce the shock your feet, ankles and knees go through. Body posture is one of the most important parts of running technique that can help you stay healthy while running and not have overuse injuries that set you back each and every time you want to run.


Drills for Running

There are a number of things one can practice to improve his or her running technique. Once such drill is to take the shoes off and run barefoot around the house or a track. When running barefoot one can notice that the running technique and form will immediately change. This is because running on one's own feet without shoes allows one to feel what pressure each part of the feet is under. Run u...


Posture when Running

When distance running it is always important to have good posture. If one witnesses professional long distance runners, it is easy to see that they run with an upright position with their shoulders slightly in front of their hips maintaining a forward momentum and their spine and its natural curvature is perfectly positioned over the pelvis, which are also pitched forward. If one were to stand u...


Heel First and Forefoot First when Running

Elite runners have the best technique that is refined after years of practice through numerous marathons and other competitions. Many debates have been started and many panel discussions have centered around the question of what is the best technique for landing the foot while running. For many years experts and felt that heel striking was the best technique for long distance running and that wa...


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