Road Running Shoes

There are a myriad of different shoes one can use for running on roads and what kind one chooses must depend on the level of running. Road running shoes usually have very shallow treads and ones that wear very well and there is a great deal of cushioning and support to absorb the constant impact for the long distances that are common with road racing and the surfaces that are very unforgiving. The impact that the feet take while running on road is roughly equal to three times the person's body weight.

The road shoes one uses are dependent upon the type of runner a person is. The majority of runners do not hit the ground squarely when they run. They usually end up hitting the first with the heel and then roll in a forward motion diagonally. This is called the pronation action and will lead to injury if you run long periods of time on roads without the proper protective footwear. Shoes have extra support for this method of running that help to reduce the motion. Generally there are three types of categories that shoes fall into. Most runners need to look for Motion Control shoes that will compensate for the over pronation motion. For those that have under pronation there are Neutral/Cushioned shoes and for those that have a neutral pronation there are the Stability shoes. The feet swell when running, hence one needs to fit them snug at the rear near the heel and have a least a thumbs weight of space at the big toe area.



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