Running Equipment

Running equipment depends on the type of running you are involved with. For a sprinter running on a track then he or she will need track shoes that have spikes in them to grip onto the track and the length of the spikes will depend upon the type of track you are performing on. One also will need to have certain track shoes for long distance or medium distance running on tracks.

If your running is recreational and mainly on the road then a special type of shoe for running for road workouts or races will be needed, this will minimize the impact of the hard road on the feet. If one is a runner that participates in off track and off road running races then he or she will need a different type of shoe. Each type of shoe has many different classes as far as quality and price.


Cross Country and Off Road Shoes

When running off road one does not need the number of spikes found on track shoes but one does need a certain number of spikes to help protect from falling while running on wet surfaces or in uneven areas. There are usually no more than six to eight spikes on a cross country shoe and they are similar to those of distance spikes. But since there is a large number of different surface encountered...


Track Shoes

There are a number of different track shoes available and they differ according to their use. Sprint spikes for example have stiff spikes giving the sprinter extra traction and also have the largest number of spikes on the sole of the shoe. The spike are also tapered more on sprint spikes that other spikes. There is an obvious lack of heel support in sprinter spike since sprinters spend the majo...


Road Running Shoes

There are a myriad of different shoes one can use for running on roads and what kind one chooses must depend on the level of running. Road running shoes usually have very shallow treads and ones that wear very well and there is a great deal of cushioning and support to absorb the constant impact for the long distances that are common with road racing and the surfaces that are very unforgiving. T...


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