Track Shoes

There are a number of different track shoes available and they differ according to their use. Sprint spikes for example have stiff spikes giving the sprinter extra traction and also have the largest number of spikes on the sole of the shoe. The spike are also tapered more on sprint spikes that other spikes. There is an obvious lack of heel support in sprinter spike since sprinters spend the majority of their time on the balls of their feet. This allows for a very lightweight shoe that helps the sprinter. The sprint spikes also have to be very tight since no slipping can be tolerated.

Shoes for long distance runs have spikes that are more flexible and less tapered with fewer in total on the sole of the shoe. Since the races are longer there needs to be much more support in the shoes from the heel through to the mid foot. Therefore the long distance spike have a much softer sole that is more durable and in particular in the heel area. Even though a snug fit is important they are generally less tight that those of sprinter spike.

Middle distance shoes have a hybrid spike that is a mix between the long distance and the sprint shoe with a taper that is less than a sprinter spike but more than that of a long distance spike. The rigidity of the plate is not as much as the sprinter but less than the long distance and many hurdlers like to use the long distance spikes to run their races.



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