Running Rules and Laws

There are a number rules or etiquette for running that should be followed if running on a track for exercising or participating in a competition. It does not matter if you're a novice or a world class athlete these rules should be followed. The track is a great place to train and run but there are a certain number of conditions that must be followed. Always run in the correct direction that is typically counterclockwise but it can change depending where one is.

Often times if the track is different from the norm, then there will be a sign indicating in what directions people run or simply be observed and let those already there take the lead and one can follow. Running in the correct land is another very important part of training on a track. If one is just there for a leisurely workout then the two outside lanes are the most appropriate and those would be two to the right if one is running counterclockwise. The inner lanes usually go to those that are more skilled and are faster and doing speed drills or workouts.

One has to always pass on the right when running on a track. Many people like to work out with headphones on and runners are just the same. But runners should never completely cutoff what they can hear if one is running on a track, outdoors in the fields or especially on the road. You never know when you may have to jump out of the way of a vehicle or others thing going in the same way. The hours of use for running also have to be followed. There are certain hours of the day that a track is off limits for recreational runners. For example when meets or events are being held it is obvious that one cannot work out on those days. On the other hand many local schools will allow you to work out on the outside lanes if they are just practicing.

Other rules that pertain to running are the rules for each particular event you may participate in. For instance cross country events at the high school and university level require runners that are not a part of the elite group or are slower to move to the left and out of the way so that others will not be slowed down. There are also rules to follow as far as drugs and other illegal substances that cannot be used if you are competing at any level or in any organized group.


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