Drills for Running

There are a number of things one can practice to improve his or her running technique. Once such drill is to take the shoes off and run barefoot around the house or a track. When running barefoot one can notice that the running technique and form will immediately change. This is because running on one's own feet without shoes allows one to feel what pressure each part of the feet is under.

Run upright but with the shoulders pitched forward and hands in close to the body along with the elbows back and chest thrown forward, just enough to feel the momentum that helps take one forward. Techniques are not learned over night and like any other sport need to be practiced daily and constantly refined and adjusted to ones needs and the physique. Many times these techniques can be practiced in the comfort of one's home without going outside. Not everyone has the ability to run outside year round and if a person cannot practice his or her techniques in the house then he or she can prepared by going to the track in the spring to begin actual running routines on a daily basis.

Posture is the key and the one of the deciding factors that will help one's overall running and help the body to withstand the constant beating it can take from running. Along with the posture, a person also needs to control his or her breathing.



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