Heel First and Forefoot First when Running

Elite runners have the best technique that is refined after years of practice through numerous marathons and other competitions. Many debates have been started and many panel discussions have centered around the question of what is the best technique for landing the foot while running. For many years experts and felt that heel striking was the best technique for long distance running and that was probably because the majority of runner did that. But over the last few years there has been a change away from that thinking and that is due to the fact that many of the elite runners of today are not landing heel first and therefore a number of people are advocating forefoot landing instead. This change is not because of any medical studies but because of watching the elite runners with their forward posture and forefoot landing.

Sprinters on the other hand are proven to increase their speed by using this same technique of forefoot first. They must rely on huge leg raises and have much of the body leaning forward making it imperative they are landing on their toes and springing off them to get even more forward momentum.

Foot strike patterns are very important for both sprinters and distance runners and more studies that are performed the more informed coaches, trainers and running will become so techniques can better be used to make runners run better. Remember that techniques have to be repetitive and done the same way over and over again. Repetition is the only way to get better.



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