Posture when Running

When distance running it is always important to have good posture. If one witnesses professional long distance runners, it is easy to see that they run with an upright position with their shoulders slightly in front of their hips maintaining a forward momentum and their spine and its natural curvature is perfectly positioned over the pelvis, which are also pitched forward.

If one were to stand up and lean the shoulders forward then it would feel the natural pull of gravity and have a sense of moving forward. Most runners will agree that a heel foot strike is not good and they will suggest that if one follows this, then the momentum is not moving forward and you are over compensating since the shoulder is not forward and the momentum is not what it should be.

Posture also affects greatly the amount of force that is being applied to the feet and toes and if one is leaning forward the full weight will not be applied to the feet and it will be easier spring off your toes and also quicker. Therefore it is best to always leaning forward with the shoulders just in front, which helps the spine to perfectly be in line between the pelvises and this way the whole body will be working together. The shock of over three times the weight of a person's body will not be pounding down on the legs, knees and feet.



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